The Art of Flower Selection – Matching the Bouquet to Personality and Style

  Matching the Bouquet Flowers

Flowers have been used as gifts, decorations and symbols since ancient times. However, choosing the right flowers for the right occasion is not simply a matter of combining a few pretty colours – the proper selection and arrangement of flowers depends on a few factors. While decorating a home with flowers can be a rather complex task (there is an entire Japanese art form built around it, Ikebana), choosing the perfect bouquet to give to a special someone is much easier! Simply match the flowers to their personality and style.


Perhaps your significant other is a little reserved, maybe a tad conservative. To a traditional person, give a traditional gift! The red rose has been a symbol of love since antiquity, and nothing could give a clearer message than a bouquet of red roses. While the red rose has an unmistakable romantic appeal, a whole spectrum of rose colours exist, each with their own specific symbolism.

If your relationship is chaste, perhaps for moral or religious reasons, then a white rose (a symbol of purity and innocence) might be a better gift.


If the person you’re flower-shopping for is lively and full of colour, then the bouquet should be too! Freesia’s are strongly coloured, strongly scented, and represent excitement and spirited-ness. Orange roses are passionate, as are azalea’s. The most important thing here is to choose a variety of flowers and colours, so as to create a bold and vivacious bouquet. Above all, make sure to use colours that contrast powerfully (deep blues, reds and purples), with flowers that are exotic or somewhat unusual.

Unique and Contemporary

Some people make it their mission to distinguish themselves from the masses. If your significant other marches to their own beat and sets their own trends, you may be thinking that flowers are the last thing they would appreciate as a gift. And you would be right – concerning a traditional floral arrangement. However, give them an arrangement that is modern, stylish, and very contemporary tips on accessorise for a job interview, and you will undoubtedly take their breath away! With such modern dress code for your business, the beauty goes well beyond simply what types of flowers are used. The true art comes from the shapes and patterns, the way the flowers coil around one another. If you’re looking for a spectacular gift that is sure to impress and amaze, then perhaps a combination of modern art and floristry is exactly what you need. Check  out floral styles and designs here.