Four Reasons You Should Buy Your Wedding Suit Instead of Hiring It

A wedding is a wonderful, special occasion that can be quite expensive. Very few people would tell the bride to hire her bridal gown. However, there are some who feel the groom can get away with a hired suit. While this might seem to be a good way to save a bit of money, there are four very good reasons you should buy the suit instead. Surprisingly, one of the reasons is value, with convenience, fit and quality as the others.


If you think about it, hiring a wedding suit makes no real value sense. While it might save you a bit of money for the wedding, odds are good you are going to need a suit at some time in the future. You will be able to wear your wedding suit for other special occasions or for business reasons. A bride spends much more money on her gown and is not going to wear it ever again. You will not have to buy another suit unless you change sizes.


Having a suit made for you means you can have it ready before you need it. When you hire a suit, you will have to pick it up a day or two before the wedding. If there is a problem with it, you might not be able to have it fixed or replaced in time. In addition, you will not have to worry about returning a hired suit or paying any late fees. Pack up your bought suit and take it with you on your honeymoon and matching the bouquet to personality and style, you may find it comes in very handy.


A hired suit is not tailored to your body. While they may be willing to take up a hem in the pants or sleeves, only to a certain degree. It will not hang on you the way a good suit should. It is your wedding, you should want to look your best. Having a jacket that fits across the renaissance to colonial america shoulders but then hangs inches from your waist is not a good look. When you buy a suit, the shopkeeper takes all your measurements. If one arm is slightly longer than the other it isn’t a problem, both sleeves will be cut and hemmed to fit each one.



When you buy a suit, you can choose the materials you want it made from. Most hired suits are standard, off-the-rack suits. They are made to be worn repeatedly. While they might be a bit tougher, the main concern is durability. They are not going to be as finely made as one that is bought. The materials will not be as nice either. In fact, many hired suits are made from a polyester blend instead of a fine wool, silk or cotton.

You are only going to get married once, but a bought suit can last many years and endure many events, like from Britton’s Formal Wear. Spend a bit more money for a suit that fits you well, looks great and is ready when you need it. In a few years, when you have to have a suits for someone else’s wedding, you will be happy you don’t have to hire one again. Check out Five Good Answers To ‘Why Should We Hire You for more.