How to accessorise for a job interview

The accepted uniform for job interviews is smart, formal and professional. But first impressions count. Most employers inadvertently make up their mind about you in the first few seconds, which means it can help to stand out from the other candidates. The right accessories can mean you remain looking professional while showing off a flavour of who you really are. This can be particularly important if you’re applying for creative jobs.


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The first thing to do is to see if you can find anything about the culture of the company you’re interviewing for. Try to work out if their dress code is formal, casual or somewhere in-between. This way you can accessorise accordingly, but if in doubt, always overdress and tone down the accessories. For example, if the company has a uniform, then you might want to mirror that look in your outfit, to show that you would fit in well. For more information, contact a workwear supplier, such as Advance Design.


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Colour can definitely help to set you apart from a sea of monochrome, but be careful with how much colour you use. Remember, you want to appear smart and professional, so nothing too bright. If it’s cool enough to wear a dark blazer, try a shirt or blouse of a different colour or with a coloured pattern. Blue is a popular choice as it evokes a sense of calm and confidence, adding to the professional image.

Unless it’s a creative job, try and stay clear of bold nail varnish, especially a bright red. Instead go for a clear or neutral colour, or nothing at all.


If you decide to wear jewellery, you only need one statement piece, such as a necklace, a small pair of earrings or a ring along with any wedding rings. Don’t overdo it and choose what you do wear carefully—you want to stay looking professional. Also ensure that it isn’t too sparkly. If you sit somewhere in the light during the interview, your interviewer may be drawn to the flashing jewellery instead of to you.


A belt can be a great accessory for an interview as it can smarten up the outfit while adding that splash of colour and a bit of character. Go for a colour that complements your outfit and try sitting down with it on. If it’s too tight or digs in anywhere, you want to know before you’re in the interview.


The size of your bag will depend on what you need to take with you, but do leave the colourful, flowery or scuffed, well-loved bag at home and opt for a bag with clean lines. This could be your colour piece and a blue or dark red might go perfectly with your outfit.

Above all, wear what makes you feel comfortable. Walk with your head high, make eye contact, give a firm handshake and smile. Dress and act confident and that job could be yours.